“Bare Crypto you get me”

January 23, 2018

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Aside from the awful title, I’ve been away from the blog for some time, mainly getting my shit together (lies) and working away.

Today I wanted to do a write up about Crypto you know the bitcoin thing, to be more specific Altcoins.

I’ve been investing into various Altcoins that I think have potential. However, most of my investments are based around Q2 2018 and beyond so seeing true growth when deadlines are met will be a bit of a wait to see if they are making good progress or failing so hard that the SS FAILBOAT decides to capsize.

below are some crypto I shall be investing into (providing I can get in on them before they moon in some cases….for example…wanchain)

Disclaimer: Only invest what you are willing to lose, in my case a few g that’s all i’m willing to part with on this digital gold rush. (#poorpeopleproblems)

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

It has a rocket as its icon, that’s good enough for me to be fair.

/s aside….2018 is the year for Stellar I keep reading, its a token focused on people, payment systems and banks.

This is pretty big news if they can pull it off.

For example, a situation where cross-country transactions are a slow process that take several days could be sped up drastically. This has the potential to improve existing international financing and advance it for greater inclusion in developing countries. IBM seems to hold it in high regards

Cindicator (CND)

Image result for cindicator

Besides sounding like a new Terminator Cindicator (CND) is relatively new on the scene (around 3 months at the time of writing this when its ICO ran) It is a project where its working on a collective Ecosystem that combines people from backgrounds such as data scientists, mathematicians and traders which in turn are supported by international advisers fields with artificial intelligence. It’s goal is to create a infrastructure that provides financial analysts, traders a more efficient approach and profitable predictive next-gen analytics for asset management.

Just buying in on the tokens (they don’t like being called ‘coins’) will allow you access to there platform you can go one of two ways with Cindicator which are

  • Forecaster (where you download the mobile app and answer there questions, if you get your predictions correct you get prizes in USD or BTC)
  • Invester (just owning the token essentially)

Another solid point with CND is this technology is already tested. they did test integration with hedge funds and banks to monetize there tech by giving them ‘various products’ and APIs (everyone loves APIs!)

Another important point is that international VC’s are invested into this as well as Microsoft by giving them a grant.

Another super bonus point is that you invest into them a specific amount you get a pretty decent package, the highest being access to there cryptometer

One to keep an eye on for sure.

ZCash (ZEC)

ZEC is something I like to mine on the side and have done for the past few months, I can nearly afford another 1070 GTX with how much I have mined.

If you have a decent graphics card (1060gtx and beyond) and low power bills/free electric I would recommend you look for a coin to mine, you never know it could moon one day and you would be sitting on a proverbial gold mine.

life pro tip aside, ZEC is a known as a privacy coin, its’ up there with good ole Monero, Dash and Cloak coins designed around privacy so you can hide all your laundered happiness in another form of cash. unfortunately secure Crypto carries a bit of a dark enigma around it that its all used for malicious activities on dark web and other ventures.


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