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December 6, 2017

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Sunday the 3rd of December 2017 was proving to be quite the cold snap. I made my way to Soho, London past the crowds of shoppers, I don’t see the charm in trying to get through waves of tourists and the potential of getting shot/blown up when I could just simply shop online, but I was on a mission this day.

I had received an email earlier in the week in regards to a Quake Champions tournament that was going to be held Sunday, where they would be showing the stream of the Dreamhack day 3 tournament along with prizes and pizza. Figured I would show my interest and send an email in to see if I would get selected for this prestigious event.

I got lucky and was selected “You are the Chosen One, Champion!” it read (always catches my eye when an email starts like that!) for a limited tournament where there will be prizes and pizza! it was decided then for the pizza’s sake, that I should endure this tournament.

At this point in time I was pretty tired. the week had been a long one I had been out the Friday and had a Christmas party to attend on the Saturday without catching up the sleep deprivation I enjoy doing to myself but figured screw it, pizza and prizes await!.

people getting there quake on

I arrived 45 minutes into the session which I must admit was a mistake. I played a bit in the morning but it wasn’t enough to compensate for the lack of play I hadn’t done since beta. I did walk into this tournament with zero expectations in my ability to win since I have been practically playing Guild Wars 2’s new expansion path of fire…far too much. This resulted in me going out in the first match (in my defense the guy who beat me did end up getting second place *cries manly tears*).

The winners of 1st 2nd and 3rd each got a pretty cool prize, 1st got a Razer Chroma keyboard, 2nd got a Razer Kraken headset and 3rd got a quake T-shirt (i wanted one of them…) even in the raffle we did I didn’t get a shirt although I did get some other trinkets..

The stream was on and plenty of snacks were about. I got talking to a few of the competitors at the event, we exchanged war stories about the golden era of FPS gaming, along with how they were finding quake champions so far.

The hot topic of agreeance was that the DOOM Slayer was quite overpowered with his range and strength (I sense a nerf inbound) and a yearning for some classic game modes like freeze tag or some rocket arena.

While dueling is fun people do come in from busy days or work/life and just want a team play game type over 1 on 1 combat. There is the classic TDM which does tick this box and there new game mode sacrifice which I cant stand for the minute even watching it on stream I was beginning to fall asleep.

overall it was nice to get out of the house and socialize in a LAN experience once again. QC definitely still needs more enticing modes to draw us beta testers back into it the champions abilities are an interesting element something to help breath life into a style of game that has stayed static for quite some time.

I miss quake 4 crouch sliding….

Dan out.

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