Dragonball Super 115 the return of Ultra Instinct

November 13, 2017

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Episode 115 of DBS got underway with more combat from the fusion of Caulifla and Kale (Kafla) putting immense pressure on Goku it seems he was rather outclassed until he went SSB along with the good ole Super Saiyan Blue King-Kai Fist x 20 (never gets old saying that all at once..)

but he was caught off guard near the end of the ep with a very nicesu kick into the face from Kafla he was taken back to base form, although this looks to have proven to be a mistake, he triggered the God feared Ultra Instinct once more.


Now I have some good old fashioned Dan theories here for this.

As good old Whis said in his bout with Jiren he didn’t like the heat output from Goku when fighting him. This looks to be the same as before from what we’ve seen in ep 115 nearing the end. however there was a vital clip shown that I think has some importance.

In the preview for the next ep it appears that Goku may be starting to tap into this forms so far unknown potential, with the power up may come stability. Our boy Jiren awakens from his slumber also when he feels Goku reach this form once more.

There is another theory going around on Reddit where he needs to drain his Ki in order to tap into UI but i’m not sure this would make much sense, especially with the picture above and the fact he can fire energy attacks in that form also which must consume Ki (does a Kamehameha attack in the preview scene also).

I also think that Kale may end up burning too much power and breaking the fusion like what happened to Vegitto but of course. speculation on my part…

we’ll know for sure next week.



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