The Mad King Returns in Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2017

October 10, 2017

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The Guild Wars 2 Twitter posted that the Mad King is heading back once more so get your loot sticks ready (post below).

I wrote an article on this in 2015 (time flies…) and don’t feel the urge to link to it as it seems fairly outdated in some of its predictions if you want some recommendations may I suggest the following:

  1. If you want a poly-luminescent infusion cheap they should be flooding the market again soon with all the loot trains that will be going on. Wait a bit after the patch hits then put a bid in.
  2. The Phospholuminescent infusions should also follow this trend but you will have to watch this one closely i’m unsure if this will drop much in price due to the demand.
  3. The Halloween skins most likely will return and we might even get 2 or 3 new ones. Unfortunately there isn’t anything I can mention about this as there isn’t any information regarding this, perhaps r\Thatshaman could reveal some truth to this in his next data mine.
  4. Nightfury will be on new players minds who joined from Path of Fire invest in some of the resources required to craft it.
  5. Guardian Staff 1 skill is nerfed and shouldn’t be used in the farm runs anymore due to its diminished range pick a thief for shortbow or scourge/shout necro or Engi/Holo with flamethrower.
  6. Trick-o-Treat Bags will spike in value during the launch of the patch then plummet shortly after a few hours.

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