Goku vs Jiren Dragonball Super ep 111 is what we needed

October 20, 2017

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Dragon Ball Super Episodes 110-111’s one hour special we finally got to see Goku vs Jiren in a well animated power struggle for universal dominance in the tournament of power (well animated by Toei’s standards anyway) with the heavy hitting Jiren vs the powerhouse SSBKKF x 20 (yes that is a thing now) Son Goku.

The fight started off with Goku punching Jiren numerous times in the face/body doing what seems to be zero damage which forced him to go through his various stages of transformation to enable him to hit harder.

It is great to watch how far Goku as a character has come throughout the series from the first super Saiyan form to SSJ2 straight to Super Saiyan God 1 then finally into Blue. however it was appearing he wasn’t even able to keep up with Jiren with the SSB (Super Saiyan Blue) thus resulting in him using his classic kaio-ken while in blue form Jiren felt them blows it looked like but again in the end our hero was overpowered.

Goku’s new form known to the dub as Ultra Instinct

Now what I liked about this episode was the fact that Goku acquired a new form. but it wasn’t enough even with the new form he still lost the fight. This is a nice change from the original scream-gain-power-punch-harder trope its interesting, it didn’t work he lost and its nice to finally see a real summit for Goku to now overcome.

looking forward to the later episodes hopefully it not all filler due to blowing up the budget 😉


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