Dark Matter Cancelled 3 Seasons In…

September 12, 2017

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Joseph Mallozzi the creator of the series confirmed it on the official reddit page that the show wasn’t renewed for a forth season on the channel Syfy. This saddens me as I really enjoyed this space opera. Syfy have this amazing habit of cancelling stuff people enjoy (not even going to start listing shows off here..) but I can see why this turn of events came about.

Like Netflix. The streaming service has put a large investment of money into producing its own shows, so it can eventually move away from acquisitions. the reason for this is so the channel or service can monetize the show and acquire profits via international sales and merchandise.

I’ve been following the reddit page closely since the cancellation was announced. Hopefully a season 4 can get confirmed through finding a new buyer.

It’s reasons like this why most of my sci-fi watching has turned into reading. television has killed off far too many great shows that deserved a few more seasons even just to wrap things up. It just leaves you feeling a little sickly inside watching this journey of characters and situations build up only to never have a climax or resolution.

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