Street Fighter II 30th Anniversary Edition!

August 31, 2017

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Say it 10 times really fast! SF2 is getting a release on the SNES once more! This time to celebrate it being an adult that has to pay taxes and demand pay rises because living costs are getting higher! The cartridge is limited to 5500 copies only so grab one quick if you want one from iam8bit gaming (or ebay if all else fails…)


Glad they kept the original front boxart 🙂

The box also seems to include retro pack-in surprises it also looks to be officially endorsed by Capcom so you can be sure this will most likely be valuable in the future if you decide to HODL!

The two colours are Opaque Ryu Headband Red (4500) while the other 1000 are in a glow in the dark Blanka Green they are making it so its completely random which colour you receive (which is pretty awesome if you ask me!)

Too much cool retro stuff coming out…not enough cash to throw at the screen..



2 thoughts on “Street Fighter II 30th Anniversary Edition!

    1. Well from what I see its part of a legacy cartridge collection, so there might be more soon Megaman/Rockman would have me throwing money at my screen even the manual and poster art that came with the cartridges was amazing! or maybe Probotector/Contra 🙂

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