Guild Wars 2 – Path of Fire Expansion Pack Announced

August 4, 2017

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August 1st we saw the reveal for Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire which has added everything I had in a earlier post about leaks but now it’s officially confirmed. I’m excited for this new release as its bringing a lot to the table. I mean yes there isn’t a new profession or race but I believe this is the correct path for GW2 right now if integrated correctly and done right. This of course depends on Mike O’Brien who has done a very good job taking on the role after Colin Johanson’s departure (fun fact, he’s actually the last founding member of Arenanet).

It looks like ole Balthazar one of the six human Gods of Fire, War and all the things that make me warm inside has gone rogue and wants to kill all the other Gods because they keep making fun of his obsession with burning stuff and pointy armor. Its up to us the commander(Shepard?) to stop this Naughty Nelly and point out how uncomfortable his armor must be to wear in the Elonian sun.

The whole gang is here. Just need 1 more for a raid party…

So we’re heading back to Elona and The Crystal(Maze?) Desert. places we’ve been before in Guild Wars 1.

As mentioned in there preview the maps are huge. Though sadly we still don’t have confirmation yet if the player count in these new maps is updated along with it. It looks like we’ll be using different mounts for different situations one can hover across water, the raptor can jump across large gaps, the bunny thing can…hop…high.

The idea of having a new trait line to access now is great it gives us more opportunity to mix and match and change up the meta quite significantly ¬†from what I can tell in the raw footage you tubers have access to I don’t think we can use HoT’s traits with PoF’s which is sad because the variations you could come up with would be fantastic (note: I have asked a few of the early access players was this the case so stay tuned for confirmation on this).

Mounts 4 dayz

DOOMBOX has some comments about being excited for this new expansion I must admit I agree with a lot of what hes says in this video.

Wooden Potatoes has some Q and A up regarding PoF

The expansion is now available to buy from the official site, I myself got the deluxe edition.

Buy Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Click Here

The hype train continues…more when I have it.


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