DOOMFIST is sadly nothing like his Trailer (First Impressions)

July 7, 2017

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Blizzard finally announced what we knew was coming and released Doomfist on PTR. (PC Master race only for now console peasants sadly im afraid)

You have all the Internet and myself fanboying hard over the new addition (I was also equally as disappointed that Terry Crews didn’t voice him) but after watching the trailer last night which I enjoyed like everyone else. I then watched his gameplay footage and got slapped back to reality of what hes actually like.

Its like that great promo video you see from, oh, lets pick a random name from the sky “ubisoft” and the whole footage is CGI with no actual gameplay then you see the game where pretty much none of the stuff shown in that great trailer is even in the game itself.

Its just like that.

He’s nothing like the origin story trailer. Let me explain, watch the two videos below if you haven’t already:

Above: The Overwatch reveal for Doomfist from Blizzard

Below: Youroverwatch showing DOOMFIST’s moveset

Great story right? They should probably do a Netflix series in that style (Blizzard…hint….hint..) though he just reminds me of  a Ryu just with a giant fist and being more evil…yeah I go really in depth sometimes..

lets break it down in the clip compared to his in-game character. – like what I did there? 😉

These are his abilities in game:

Nice, but not what I was expecting (well..the uppercut for sure since hes Ryu and all)

In the origin story he rips a car door off and uses it as a projectile thrown towards Genji, looks great and costs his local council a fortune in window repairs from the collateral damage (how inconsiderate of him!) can he do that in game? Nope.

Genji vs the evil Car Door

What about smashing the ground hulk style and rising it up to gain the higher ground?


well that’s, fine what about when he throws the car at Genji an- MEGA NOPE

He’s nothing like his trailer which is somewhat misleading. It’s almost as if Blizzard decided to do a u-turn from having him as some support class into an attacker, his ultimate in-game looks like its a call of duty airstrike, which kinda doesn’t sit right with me as it looks out of place compared to everyone else’s ultimate, by that I mean he’s completely off the screen when hes using it which i’m sorry to say looked rather disappointing.

How are you supposed to cancel it? or stop him before he strikes? Maybe an actual mechanic where he is physically in the air so we can shoot him, or perhaps a well timed flash bang before he hits the floor? you cant. The only real way to deal with this ultimate is to have him hit you first then assault him before he recovers from the initial impact.

Its still early days with him and they may change him up later on after seeing how people utilize him in PTR hopefully in a way more true to the the trailer

I mean an attacker that can do a 3 v 1 and is impervious to tracers dps seems fair…right?……..RIGHT!?



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