Guild Wars 2 Leaks For The New Expansion in Elona/Crystal Desert

May 4, 2017

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Leaks and Big Spoilers Ahead 

Earlier in the week someone broke NDA and revealed some pictures regarding a lot of new features coming in possibly fall this year to the new Guild Wars 2 expansion. While this obviously isn’t confirmed 100% it seems to stand to reason that it is indeed fact as the source has leaked info before such as the new legendary Eureka and an earlier blurry photo of being in Amnoon Oasis

On The Guild Wars 2 Reddit In a later ask us anything Mike O’Brien confirmed what many suspected, that the latest living story had one episode left before the expansion pack is next in line while the leak has in fact given people a lot of hype and new motivation to play/pickup guild wars 2 we will have to see in the long run how this will affect the player base. The release of the new legendary armour will be tying people over with a little bit of grind also and something to aim for.

Another point made in the AMA(Ask me anything…or..US in Arena net’s case) is that legendary weapons generation 2 are still on going and will roll out with living stories as they progress(good to know)

Mounts mastery for the new maps?

There was pictures of the new mastery which involved mount riding and pictures of the new zone maps themselves they look fairly large in comparison to our usual maps which gives mounts somewhat a purpose now to a game that has instantaneous transmission and a collection of gliders to get across content. judging from the larger maps traversing will be harder by glider and more appropriate by Mounts.

People have been asking for this since day one, personally I’m sad they gave into the people who would spam every-single-day in lions arch the ole “we need mounts in gw2” debate but hell its another thing to skin in the gemstore and sell for gems, right?

Legendary Armour?

We now also have legendary Armour in the game bar a few bugs such as Charr tale clipping (soon to be fixed I hear) we have something else to work for now besides the last eps of the living story. wouldn’t mind a set myself, but it seems a little hardcore that the grind mainly takes place doing RAIDS….back to the grind I guess…

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