Guild Wars 2 – Wintersday how to make some G this festive season

December 16, 2016

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Wintersday has returned once more and its pretty much the same as the previous year…and the year before that….anyway I’ve put together a little guide to help you get the most out of this wintersday festive spirit by getting all the gold so you can be a baller


Dailies (aka EZ 2 Gold daily thing) is something you should do everyday during this event (or most days if you’re super casual) with Wintersday you can get it done in no time and you get the bonus of PRESENTS with them.

You can also do PvP season 5 for its dailies instead 😉

The screen cap above shows an example of dailies that can be done in less than 5 minutes Forager will change to miner and gatherer so adjust accordingly but they are all usually painless. if you’re giving money to ho-ho Tron i suggest just giving him a copper it marks off the daily and saves you a gold…


The Presents are the most demanded commodity in this event. They contain various item(s) that people need/want, the most important of these items are alcoholic beverages. These are required for a specific skin known as Winters Presence which gives the effect of snow forming around the Player. Personally I don’t think the effect is anything amazing but the majority of the player base disagrees with me (because they love the shinies..) sell the drinks they will help with your profits and sell the foods on also as they can average between 80 copper and 6 silver, essentially it all adds up SELL ALL.

why is the rum gone?

You can also spend your karma you’ve acquired from doing sunless/anything (and getting jack from him) on even more presents!. To do this head to Divinity’s Reach and speak to this fellow below.

Head to the player marker (left quadrant of Divinity’s Reach)
Speak to this commoner!

This vendor resets daily what I recommend is if you have the excess Karma max out the top 3 rows then leave it at that you can then proceed to sell on the presents or open them and selling on its contents, that ill leave up to you 🙂

Anymore ideas? let me know and i’ll add to the post 🙂

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