Dragon Ball Super – Nerfing what is “Super” about it

December 14, 2016

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=-Unless you’re up to date don’t read spoilers ahead as of 13/12/16-=

DBS has been pretty decent as of late with its Goku Black saga and its universe tournament prior to that. I’m liking how Vegeta (The prince of all receding hairlines) has started to get a little soft being around the Z-Gang and family, he now has a sliver of depth to him besides blind ‘IMUSTBEIMMORTALTOBEATFREEZA’

However, what I’m finding is little Nerfs(Balance changes for our non-gamer folk) in the series to try and level the playing field of two already extremely overpowered characters for one:

Lord Beerus-SAMA!!! Pointing out they can’t rely on him and Whis to bail them out when shit hits the Universe 7 fan. This is important because DBS was lacking this ‘well of dispair’ that DBZ usually had when it came down to the whole good vs evil going on each season be it some random plot or tension device (heart virus, travelling to Namek) or a villain that only person X stood a chance against, they never had God(s) to bail them out thank-fully it looks like the writing direction has taken this into consideration which leads onto my next point.


Super Saiyan Blue Vegito got the nerf hammer real bad when they introduced this new rule where non-kai’s using the potara earrings only stay fused for 1 hour (or unless they deplete this random stamina fusion energy bar they have…) this really SUCKS ASS as it means less fusions in the future im guessing and steering us away from this concept 🙁 I know a simular rule was in place for Gogeta in DBGT so I assume the idea was stolen from there..yes stolen.


Not only is Vegito my favorite character but it looks like he got a nerf hammer also as shown in his battle against fusion Zamasu where he essentially ran out of Fusion energy and split back up to Goku and Vegeta to get OHKO’ed from this mistake probably an idea taken from Dragonball GT with fusion Gogeta.

The Time Machine: Another nerf that was in a recent episode where Bulma was trying to use the time machine once more only for it later to be destroyed by Beerus since time travel is strictly forbidden even for the Gods (another plot device/game changer removed from the show) but personally this is a good one a series that goes between different universes and then TIME TRAVEL? could get messy….a writers nightmare to say the least.


One more major problem remains, and that is our friend the God of everything Zen-Oh (SAMAAAAAAAAAAAAA!)


This fellow also seems to be nerfed in itself as when they asked him to stop Zamasu he ended up destroying all of universe 7 instead of a specific point or person. Him have the mentality of a unstable 7 year old child somewhat also gives reason that this is a unstable trump card they cannot rely on much in fear of causing something far more devstating.

My two cents anyway I’m liking the show so far with its twists and turns but also surprisingly its humor it wasn’t something I really appreciated with DBZ but like Vegeta I must be getting soft in my old age…

*blows up planet*

Anything I missed? let me know in the comments I’m curious to see what everyone else thinks on this topic

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