Dan’s Random GW2 tips for new and old players

October 12, 2016

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After Crafting Astralaria (worst grind ever by the way) I decided to post a few posts┬áregarding various events in my life my struggle at the minute. one of the topics I’ll be posting is about tips and tricks that help optimize the GW2 Experience I’ve picked up over my years playing Guild Wars 2 hopefully they will help people out.

My options setup in GW2

1: Options (F11) select Move inventory compact option

Ever since a twitch streamer had a little rant about the compact options placement Anet decided to fix this annoying fixture and give us the option to move the option (yes that makes sense I swear..) ensure this is ticked it will save you a few minutes of re-arranging everything in the order you once had when you click it by mistake which will happen…it happens to us all eventually…

2:Options (F11) Fast-Cast Ground Targeting

Turn this on and select Fast with Range indicator you can see the range of your teleports and ranged moves now and it will lock the move to the max range very handy when your trying to traverse the landscape of the game quickly and it will stop the pop-up “out of range” appearing which can cost you your life in its a vital second of dodging in PvP/WvW.

3:Options (F11) Promote Skill Target

An annoying feature you should be using a key for “target closest target” and another key for “Cycle Targets” Promote Skill Target will just keep re-targeting what you hit instead of what you are focusing on (a nightmare if you are using AOE or cleave attacks)

4:Bind a key for “Stow/Draw Weapon”

This isn’t obvious to many players but stowing your weapon during an animation that is long like Warrior’s Hundred Blades or Mesmer Blurred Frenzy can save you in combat and save your stamina bar using a roll to break the animation (bad habit stop it you!)

5:Buy a copper-fed-salvage-o-matic and shared inventory tab (life changing)

If these two items are ever on sale on the trading post buy them. It will save you carrying around 5-6 basic salvage kits on every character and its especially handy when farming places like silver wastes or new content and don’t want to miss the event chains resupplying up again.

6:You can double-click on waypoints instead of pressing “yes” every time when it prompts you.

7:You can hold down both left-click and right-click to move forward when your busy using your other hand for parrying or eating etc.

8:Use YOLO Mouse if you have trouble keeping track of your mouse in game

9:when Searching in the TP you dont need to type the full name

an obvious one for most but when searching for a major sigil of air you can just type “major air” and get the same results….usually.


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