MKXL teased for the PC

August 4, 2016

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MORRRTAAAL KOOMMBATTT (music starts kicking off) had a recent poll by Ed Boon where he asked what was the next must have for MKXL. the results were character buffs/love and MKXL Support for the PC for its GGPO netplay hopefully something comes of this since I was a avid player of MKX but lost my will to play it when support was dropped 🙁 perhaps they are trying to patch things up with the pc side as taking on PC support for games is something they really should be looking into.


GGPO Support for PC (Good Game Peace Out) is the name for the enhanced net support that was introduced in the MKXL DLC sadly the PC ‘MASTER’ race were not offered this feature due to port problems caused with

If Street Fighter V could do it, why cant NetherRealm? though in there defense SFV is a PS4/PC exclusive so again. two platform support going on just on something else. it smells like a troll post if I’m honest but time will tell for sure.

*Heavy breathing intensifies*


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