MKXL FOR PC! – Sign up for the Beta on Steam

August 26, 2016

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Earlier last night RaNoGa a friend of mine showed me a link for something which I originally thought was a prank but turned out to my suprise to be the real deal. MKXL (Mortal Kombat XL edition) is coming to the PC-Master-Race platform The beta is available on steam where you go to purchase the game.


Beta is only for this weekend so give it a spin while you can. It appears to be playing very well online (if not better than console some people are reporting) unless you get matched up against a player with Intel powered graphics (KAPPA) it appears the full rosta is available also unlike when it was in beta on the consoles.

While late to the scene and with ESL not doing a season 4 of MKXL it seems odd to¬†add this now but perhaps that’s because they don’t want to leave a bad taste in the PC communities mouth for future releases.

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