Gigabyte GTX 1070 getting it to work – First World Problems

August 8, 2016

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This weekend I spent a good few hours troubleshooting my new 1070 graphics card after much debate between the old red vs green debate I decided its finally time i swapped back to Nvidia for a generation. I must admit getting it to actually work in my machine was an absolute pain so I’m going to write a brief guide on what i done to actually get it working on my machine.

Download DDU

DDU being the Display Driver Uninstaller is a very handy program that works better if you let it do its work in safe mode. it removes all traces of ATI/Nvidia/Intel display drivers and registry entries when I used this i was still getting the same error from the drivers saying “The graphics driver could not find compatible hardware” which lead me onto the next thing

Using Windows update to install the basic drivers

I managed to get it displaying properly when i did a windows update but these drivers wouldn’t let me load up some games are again didn’t have any of the Geforce features enabled (Shadowplay etc) I still had the same problem as above with being unable to install the up to date drivers. Eventually after running DDU again this time on the nvidia drivers instead of the ATI i was able to get it running. seriously Nvidia sort this out this isn’t 1996 anymore.



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