Sinnoh Classic Cup – My Life, My Struggle a review

July 27, 2016

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Last weekend was the Sinnoh Classic Cup was on the Pokemon Global Link, for those who are unaware its a one of the Pokémon global link’s cups where they have specific rules and restrictions in place depending on the cup this time it was a doubles based battle that allowed the user to use pokémon between 1-493 (legendaries excluded of course) also mega stones were banned I decided to give it a whirl since I sucked so bad in the LAGC 2016 pokemon gym challenge. here is what I found through my various defeats and wins.

Note I talk about varied moves in some sections below when I say this I am referring to changing the moves on Pokemon Showdown (I was too late to apply for the official Nintendo one..T_T) none the less, using showdown has shown me how I can learn to build a solid team quickly and learn what works and doesn’t in teams.


Garchomp proved his worth in this cup, with excellent tier speed and power and his versatile moves list he was an excellent sweeper however his weaknesses are of course the 4x Ice which plenty of players had covered using other meta’s (zapdos hidden power ice…ouch) rock slide saved me quite a few times with a fuck lucky flinches and teaching him firefang was an excellent counter for the ever-so common Scizor.


Zapdos was brilliant in this cup I had mine running toxic, thunderbolt, heatwave and hidden power ice the toxic added pressure to bulky mon such as duskclops/dusknoir and Cresselia as they were quite hard to take out in one hit every time, the mandatory thunderbolt was for taking care of water types such as Gyarados or Staraptor heatwave was for dealing with the limited (but deadly) steel types in this cup finally HP Ice would deal with anything out of its criteria mainly the Garchomps as discussed above.


Scizor was very good in this cup I had mine equipped with a Lum berry to negate any lucky conditions that went his way and the will-o-wisp’s he kept receiving to get one more heavy technician boosted hit off unfortunately many teams had counters for him with a heatwave, flamethrower tucked away (slowbro fireblast WUT!?) which made him redundant with his 4x weakness to it, still with ice sweeper teams he proved very good taking out Abomasnow with little effort using bullet punch, I also equipped him with Knock Off to help deal heavy damage to Gengar and Cresselia and Aerial Ace for the fighting types such as Infernape and annoying players that decided minimize was a great idea other too moves i kept swapping between tailwind/bug buzz/Roost/Sword Dance mainly went for Sword Dance and Tailwind to offer additional support for my somewhat average speed team.

Flying happy thing aka Togekiss

Togekiss was my ‘follow me’ mon that provided support with heatwave to suprise Scizor users, Ice Beam for the dragon meta and a varied move-set of roost or dazzling gleam, I mainly stuck it out with dazzling gleam for the extra damage since he was the follow me I gave him the item Rocky Helmet to help add unwanted damaged against the physical attackers


This little RAT of a thing was a nuance to fight usually always carrying a sash to stop OHKO’s this thing moves fast and hits hard usually with Knock off, Ice Shard for priority and more Ice to hit Dragons harder the last attack was quite varied but it was usually Low Kick for the heavy large targets or Protect so it stayed alive throwing off the player.


The smiley faced deamon was a major pain in this cup with access to a priority water attack, good old belly drum it could easily sweep teams not setup to counter it or with a decent steel type attack god i hate this….thing.


Armed with Technician ability and a focus sash this guy can hit hard and with the ability to use spore to put enemies to sleep it can really boost your offensive presence. Breloom also has access to a priority move (mach punch) to enable to dish out one more hit before it goes down in a blaze of glory, Bullet Seed was a fantastic counter to Sashed users and Azumarill. its typing however is a drawback and doesnt help it something you have to account for when using it like most OU ranked mon.

Honorable mentions

no matter the match up theres always one mon that peaks my attention the following are the ones that deserve a shout out for out of the box thinking:


This guy caught me off guard with a fireblast ending my Scizor I had to complement the guy after being hit by that


This under used mon also did the same catching me with a fire punch and ice punch you think I would learn by now to guess 50/50 it would be carrying these moves, its ability Motor Drive is a nightmare to deal with


Hail, ice attacks the pain was real, still nothing a good low kick wouldnt sort out


The Bastard Child of a Tank and Magneton this nightmare is always trouble unless you have a strong fire type attack to take it out the ability analytic helps it pump out some devastating damage against fast sweeper teams, failing that Magnet Pull is an excellent poor mans shadow tag that can keep the steel types in and have them suffer a horrible barrage of pain suffering and death.

Aarron Cybertron Zheng actually done a few recordings of his battles in the Sinnoh Classic I recommend giving them a watch as he always gives excellent

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