System Shock Remastered now on Kickstarter (and a demo also!)

June 30, 2016

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A game close to my heart has appeared with a kick-start campaigner today but unlike quite a few notable examples that appear on kick starter, this one actually has a demo! the footage shown so far is looking very impressive and seems to be keeping as true to the original as possible. I for one really hope this pulls through this game really deserves a full remake and it looks like Nightdive are the ones to lead the charge. in just 24 hours they are already beyond the 50% mark hopefully they will reach there goal soon 🙂

I had a spin at the demo, its brief but its showing you there image of system shock its looking like its trying to keep very true to the original my only strife with it so far was that the first person that contacts you looks somewhat cartoonish having some real face or darker more realistic features I think would help with keeping the atmosphere

you can visit the kickstarter here



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