Pokémon Sun/Moon Legendary Reveal

May 11, 2016

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so along with the new starters are the front cover mon advertised in the reveal (check out the Japan reveal shows more footage ) The legendary mon that will be the front cover art for the next installments are finally shown (no names yet much sad..) but they should be out soon.

I did some digging around but with the box art they confirmed our suspicions that the game is indeed compatible with the 3DS so its capable to appeal to a bigger audience and not limit itself to the elite “new” Nintendo 3ds race 😉 personally I am a “embrace the darkness” sorta type but I think ill end up buying Sun I wonder if these Legendary would introduce a new weather type much like Kyogre and Groudon by using the Sun (duha) and Moon (durrrrrrr) with the way the rules currently are in the metagame allowing 2 legendary mon, perhaps Lord Kyogre and Prince Groundon’s reign is finally at an end…

praise the sun edition


Moon Mascot

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