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March 11, 2016

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Its been a while since I last blogged on here much has happened stopped playing Guild Wars 2 after making my forth legendary weapon (The Juggernaut) the game has become far too much of a grind for just skins #GW2HoT and extremely time consuming to grind to make gold. at this point in writing two friends who are approaching the two year mark since playing are still struggling to craft there first legendary weapon, (we could help but that would ruin the fun of it….wouldn’t it? what do you mean “no”?)

The London Anime and Gaming Con was on in Feb this year opening up its Pokemon Gym Challenge for the first time which was on during the 2 days the Con was going. This proved to be very successful and a lot of fun, the challenge had rules such as no legendary mon, ohko moves banned, no destiny bond and no soul dew item the format was singles not really my forte but fortunately thanks to various Facebook groups and giveaways I managed to acquire quite the two box full of battle ready Pokémon which I swapped out accordingly for each gym battle.

like traditional Gyms the leaders were specific types (Electric, Fairy but to add an element of variety they were allowed any type as long as it had 1 type that was the same as the gym)


All 8 badges I struggled on the Dragon Badge but fortunately they had a 9th badge I could win which got me all 8….in all fairness the Dragon Gym was hard as nails and rekt me 4 times over the course of the weekend (NERF PLZ) after getting all 8 badges you can then take on the champ I must admit i went in with a slapped together team and lost once you lost you cannot challenge the champ again unless someone else takes the throne I should of paid more attention to his team before challenging which was definitely my downfall.

They had other tournaments on such as Naruto Storm 4 which I lost in straight away (very annoying) and MKX which I lost in the second round.

due to the whitewash of losses in MKX I’ve taken it on myself to train everyday using a few characters and learning mix-ups online I’ve been treating the game as a half arsed challenge and now want to try and at least compete in ESL which means very intense training a few hours a day which ive been putting in, fighting games on a competitive level is still new to me as I was mainly raised on fps and turnbased so adopting and developing the mindset is proving difficult at times.

The next convention will have SFV, MKX and the Gym Challenge once again time to get brushing up again on all 3 😉












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