Fallout 4 – Thoughts

March 9, 2016

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So its finally arrived, needless to say I’ve been stuck in the game for some time now and still barely scratching the surface of it. I made it to Diamond City (after holding off doing the add-on quests which took far too much will in itself and have progressed the main story somewhat but now I’m heading back to finish up the additional quests before it gets too messy) for the sake of not spoiling, I won’t vomit too much out that could ruin it for people waiting for the black Friday sales or Christmas¬†presents problems later on but you leave the vault on your own on a quest to find someone precious to you, you are straight away hit with the realization that the world has changed quite drastically¬†in your 200 year absence.

To be honest I’ve played it quite a bit and I’m seriously not impressed with the game. Its a step backwards but clearly no review site wants to say this because there all busy sucking off the bribes from the companies to go against the flow (looking at you street fighter V) the DLC’s will be out soon adding some fancy stuff but honestly i don’t think i will be buying any of it they should of picked up from where New Vegas left off with survival mode and bullet weight etc

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