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October 14, 2015

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Earlier this week Anet announced some interesting stuff just before its launch of Heart of Thorns (HoT) the arrival of three new legendary weapons being the Axe, Staff and Pistol which all look to be excellent additions to the ever growing weapon sets in game (GIVE ME DAT AXE!!!!) sadly even though they did say it took some bending to get out these three weapons only 3 are available for  HoT’s launch but eventually the new wave of legendaries will be apon us eventually..hopefully..

H.O.P.E – The New Legendary energy Pistol

No doubt the new Legendaries will have to do with a Paradigm structure based mainly around HoT and I have a horrible feeling there will be some time-gated garbage to go along with it.

The Raven Staff "Nevermore" keeps reminding me of Edgar Allan Po poem
The Raven Staff “Nevermore” keeps reminding me of Edgar Allan Po Poem no doubt in reference to it.

In other News it was mentioned that economic instability was incoming(again) and that certain materials (mats) were going to become higher in demand from my experience anything John Smith says about being in a good place with economy usually means that the average player will be struggling to get by and will make crafting a legendary next to impossible for the later generation of players (I have seen this since I started playing at launch) the only great news to come from crafting up legendary bad boys is that you can now craft your own precursor (only one per account though) but that doesn’t apply to the 3 new additions.

More evidence to this points to a later note in the changes they are making to dungeons. Granted I can see they want to move everyone into Fractals and Raid’s more but this is not the way to go about it. in fact, this is near outright forcing dungeon runners and casuals into joining Guilds just so they can manage to get into a “Raid” it seems Guild Wars 2 is starting to step away from its self-entitled “for casual players” etiquette but we’ll see when HoT actually comes out all this speculation will probably end up getting me backstabbed by a Thief if it turns out wrong.

Theres an ideology I followed since the start of Guild Wars 1 and its about Anet and time, see the longer it takes you to get resources the longer you have to play. The longer you play the more entrenched into the game you become. Its a vicious cycle and one that doesn’t do your body (and mental health) good when it becomes obsession.


I would recommend buying the game from amazon as Anet seem to like charging extortion for the game 😉

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