Guild Wars 2 HoT – Fractals

October 27, 2015

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So as I mentioned in my other Post briefly there are two things I was focusing on while waiting for my HoT delivery and they are Halloween and Fractals updates Anet did mention about the new golden fractal skins but also a feature where you can acquire the original Fractal Skins and select which one you get (FINALLY ONLY TOOK THEM TWO AND A HALF YEARS)  getting all of them will net you a golden fractal skin which is pretty awesome for us vet players that grinded it for eons.

Golden Greatsword
Sparkle Sparkle..

There is another way to get one also, and thats why doing all 100 levels of fractals the last reward chest will net you another skin from what I’ve found so far the golden skins are quite limited so they must be chosen wisely, im currently running fractals in a 4 man team (because 5 is so uncool…) and we’re doing well approaching level sixty-something the scaling has been reduced but the boss fractals look like they will take quite the abuse before dropping.

Zerker Meta is still the weapon of choice according to the hardcore fractal runner groups but that doesn’t rule out using a Druid there healing can help big time with the group in the longer battles

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