London Anime and Gaming Con 2015

July 7, 2015

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Last weekend the London Anime & Gaming Con (LAGC) was on with quite a lot going on. From Bands playing live with “classical” gaming music and there own custom songs to Cosplay Burlesque (Thanks Sam for showing me this I almost missed it!)

Of course my main mission was to play in some gaming tournaments, I competed in two (Pokemon ORAS and MKX) to which I came second in the first and was eliminated straight away in Mortal Kombat (sadface..) to compensate for this I played Quake III Arena (they had in a LAN setup) and crushed EVERYONE with a 30+ kill spread (didn’t get any pics of’ll just have to take my word for it!)

They had a League of Legends tournament going that game is like watching paint dry not sure why people obsess over it so much BOOOORRRRINGG.

I stayed quite late into the evening both days enjoying the Alcohol and the company this event was one of the most social Anime conventions I’ve ever been to and I much preferred it over MCM Comic Con the community vibe going on was great and competing in a few of the tournaments added to the bonds made/ice breaking.

Overall probably a 9/10 would buy again and I will probably attend again next year (prehaps….cosplaying as JooooooooooJO!)

Death Parade Posing
Death Parade Posing (me with the hand in the air)

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